About HULA
Hula is a social app that allows users to find like-minded individuals to socialize with. It encourages users or interest groups to  participate in a variety of events and activities on the site.

Project timeline

From Sep.2022



My Role

UX/UI Designer

Problem Overview

How do we empower users to create their communities based on events so to improve user retention?

HULA has already gained a large following of active users who are interested in participating in activities via the app. Generation Y shows a great deal of willingness to recognize friends with similar interests online and attend events together.

How might we make it easier for users to meet buddies to go to activities through community features?

As this is an ongoing launched project , check our app and latest news at

Goals & Contributions

When I joined HULA, it had already collected numerous user feedbacks and was seeking ways to retain and grow its user base. My goals here are:

>Assist in the analysis of user data, design useable and valuable solutions to be more aligned with  business goals
>Apply and improve existing design system to build hi-fi prototypes for testing and launching
>Work collaboratively with Product, Research and Engineering partners from concept through completion

01.Research & Validation

Investigate on users connection

HULA now seeks ways to enhance its community features so users are more easily to connect with each others.

Interview Insights

From interviewees

HULA did interviews for our target users to validate product directions and discover their preference, according to scripts, several insights are found.

Active groups and interested events will attract users to come back to HULA after they quit.

Users show interests in both small and big groups to hangout, and are excited to meet more new buddies.

The matching algorithm needs to be improved. Users prefer Events and new people that meet the interests.

Research Insights

From research analysis

Combining with users performance in the app, we found several features could be enhanced/improved.

More than 70% users likes using the matching function to find new buddies/groups and chat directly.

Around 60% of users will dropped out when they need to go through more than 2 steps to mark their interests, which data is important for algorithm.

02.Challenges& Solutions

Target User Problems

How might we encourage users to establish a closer connection by efficiently and precisely pushing their interests?

Our solution

1.Improve onboarding session

Shorten the onboarding process and request more matching information.

Outcome:  Save 50% onboarding time, provide more precise recommendations based on interests for the homepage flow

2.Simplify connection behaviors

Simplify connecting process by putting main community feature at the homepage.

Outcome:  Successfully increased newly created groups and chatting function click-through rate.

1.Highlight Mark button

Provide users with an easy way to identify their interests by using event pools and highlight mark buttons

Outcome:  Shorten 2/3 process, and reduce marking time by 70%. Enhance the consistency of the flow of events and increase events viewing rate.


Sketch out the main flow

Shorten the onboarding process & tell us your preference

Prioritize community features  at the homepage

Mark your interested events


Measure Our Success


A/B Test for new homepage
Analyze the group chat and buddies chat traffic
Monitor DAU/WAU to measure retention rate


Till now, according to user performance.

It’s clear to see the increase on newly created groups and returning created group users.
Finding buddies is being used more frequently.
Avg DAU increased last month.